My mom was wonderful in making sure each of her 11 children knew how to cook. Each of us had responsibility for meals from the time we were between 5-7 years old. It has been over 25 years since I began making pancakes for our large family. It seemed that we must have lived only knowing how to use whole grains and sweeteners that were not the standard white granulated sugar. Because this was all I knew, I learned how to use the ingredients very well. As I got older I continued to make pancakes regularly from scratch. I have tried countless other mixes from the stores and never found anything that could quite compare to how I make them.

After having children, making pancakes completely from scratch each time got to be a little more difficult, so I made a dry mix that I only needed to add the wet ingredients. This is now a staple in my kitchen. We LOVE pancakes for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. I generally make pancakes in bulk and save them in the refrigerator and freezer so I have them always. When we are going out for the day I can grab a few and bring them with me so the kids have something of substance to munch on throughout the day. Syrup isn't always necessary for these. My kids love them all the time. When we have overnight visitors to the house, they love them also. This is a very exciting step to be sharing them with all of Utah.

The Perfect Dry Mix
Turns Into The Perfect Batter

Dry Mix that you'll want to always have on your pantry shelves. Quick and Easy to Mix together. Just add Eggs, Oil, and Milk.

These little mixes make the perfect holiday and neighbor gift.

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